How to create customer return or exchange?

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Scenario 1:

Same day you have printed out the Memo Slip, customer walk around and the customer comes back and wanted to return all the items. (Also, the customer has not pay yet.)

Option 1:

This option is for Today Transactions Only and also if you know the exact transaction.

  • Go to [History].
  • Find the transaction document number.
  • “Press” [Unconfirmed] the transaction.

Transaction will turn (Red) after “Unconfirmed”.
“Unconfirmed” can be only be done on the same day only, if the transaction does not happen on the same day. Solve it using “Option 2”.

Option 2:

This option can be used on the same day and if you don’t know the transaction document number.

  • Step 1: Go to [Sales] > [Return], “Scan” the Return Item (Enter the discounts if any) or else your sales would not be correct.
  • Step 2: Print out the Memo Slip to complete.