How to operate the handheld device?

Press the [Small Button] from [Left Side] of the device.

1. Insert SIM card into device.

2. How to [Insert / Replace] paper roll.

  • “Open” the front orange colour cover.
  • Place a new roll of thermal paper.

3. How to Power [ON / OFF] device.

  • “Long Press” to Power ON.
  • “Long Press” to Power OFF.

4. How to put device into [Sleep Mode].

Press the [Small Button] from [Left Side] of the device.

5. How to check is the device activated?

“Swipe Down” from the top of the screen, make sure [SIM] indicator is activated (Orange Color).

6. How to charge the device.

Use USB Type-C charger to charge.

7. Make sure there’s “Signal & Battery”.

8. Press RadiCON icon to login.

9. How to manual update the app?

  • Open [App Store].
  • Press [RadiCON].
  • Press [Update].
  • It’s done.

10. How to [Close / Kill App].

  • Press the [Square] button on the navigation bar.
  • “Swipe Up” or press [X].
  • It’s done.

11. How to [Uninstall] RadiCON app?

  • “Press & Hold” on RadiCON app icon.
  • “Drag” the icon to [Uninstall].
  • It’s done.

12. How to [Install] RadiCON app?

  1. Open [App Store].
  2. Press [RadiCON].
  3. Press [Install].
  4. Press [Auto Setup].
  5. It’s done.